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CSD Training
Feb 2,3 & 4' 2011

Feb 9,10 & 11' 2011

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CSD Training

This Java-oriented course provides the 3 days of in-depth technical training required to achieve the Certified Scrum Developer certification.

The course is divided between lecture, hands-on exercises, open discussion and question and answer. The course is focused on 5 main areas:

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD): TDD can dramatically improve the quality and the speed of development, and it's a core practice for many successful Scrum development teams. In this session, you'll discover what TDD is and how to practice it well through a series of hands-on exercises using popular tools.
  • Agile Design and Architecture: Understand the principles and practices of agile architecture and design, the foundation of successful agile software development. The session will cover the concepts of agile architecture, analysis and design, along with discussion of common myths and misperceptions.
  • Continuous Integration: Learn the advantages of Continuous Integration for delivering higher quality software and increased efficiency. The focus will be on principles and practices for building a full-fledged CI system, along with information about open source and commercial tools.
  • Refactoring: Learn what, when and how to refactor, and understand how to identify code "smells," then get hands-on experience with several proven refactoring techniques to achieve cleaner code. This session also covers refactoring to patterns and refactoring legacy code.
  • Collaboration: Discover ways to work more effectively with colleagues and both internal and external stakeholders in a project. Learn about User Stories as a technique for more successful collaboration, and learn to write User Stories effectively and break them correctly to the required size. Then, experience pair programming in hands-on exercises.

ABOUT THE CERTIFICATION All attendees who complete this course, along with either a Certified ScrumMaster course, Certified Scrum Product Owner course, or two other days of qualified training, are eligible for the Certified Scrum Developer certification. For more information on the CSD certification or requirements please click here for the Scrum Alliance info.


Date: 2, 3 and 4th Feb 2011



Date: 9, 10 and 11th Feb 2011


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