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Engineering Team

Narinder Kumar

Narinder co-founded Inphina along with Vikas. He has been in IT industry for 14 years. During this period, he has worked across various phases of Software development life-cycle in Services, Product Development and Research organizations in different domains and countries. He has performed under different capacities from System Administrator to Director Technology. All these experiences have helped him immensely to develop his technical, business and people management skills.

He is passionate about technology and developing software which adds real value to the end-users. Currently, his main areas of interest are Cloud Computing frameworks and related technology space. He has attended and spoken at various Technology conferences in India.

Before Inphina, Narinder has worked for diverse organizations like America Online, Eurocontrol Experimental Center, Iona Technologies, Nokia Telecommunications and Xebia. He has done his Masters in Design and Architecture of Information Systems from E.N.S.T. Paris.

Currently he spends most of his waking hours on new technology initiatives and business opportunities for his latest and biggest passion Inphina.

Meetu Maltiar

Meetu is a Senior Consultant at Inphina. In his five year experience he has worked as Software developer, Knowledge Manager and as a Mentor. He is passionate about technology and has experience in product development as well as services. Most of the project experience has been Agile based. He has worked extensively in Java and Java based frameworks like Spring, Hibernate/JPA, Wicket and Seam.

He also invests his time in exploring upcoming languages like Scala and technology frameworks like GridGain, Esper and Hadoop. He tries to disseminate acquired Knowledge by writing blogs and presenting internally at Inphina BAT Sessions. He is also a frequent speaker at technology conferences in India, Europe and US.


A passionate programmer with three years of freelance and five years of industry experience, Sri is hands-on in a wide array of technologies including Google App Engine, Python, Java, Adobe Flex and PHP. He is at the heart of Inphina's initiatives in innovative software development and research of upcoming technologies and platforms.

Sri brings in an unique approach to problem solving, design and architecture with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness. Complemented with a keen understanding of business scenrios, Sri brings in this added perspective to his work. He specializes in Defense, Aerospace and strategic sectors and has an undying passion for product innovation and development.

He is a speaker at various technology events and is keen follower of industry and technology trends.

Neelkanth Sachdeva

Neelkanth Sachdeva is a Software Engineer at Inphina. He has received B.TECH with Honors in 'Information Technology', from DAV College of Engg. & Technology,kanina. He is a skilled professional who believes in the design and creation of software according to "what the client wants?". He has worked on the various Microsoft's Technologies including c# ,.Net & on different platforms & framework like Vosao , Play ,Visual studio, Eclipse etc. He is Currently working on the Java based technologies & is passionate to learn about upcoming technologies and different platforms providing the new way to programming & Development.